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BBCSO 1.5 Template for Cubase

This is a full Spitfire Audio BBC Symphony Orchestra (Core or Pro) template for Cubase 11+ Pro (it should work on 10+ but has not been tested.) You can get it here:

Everything is already routed to sub-busses and properly balanced. Each instrument has a dedicated Expression Map and short string articulations are separated from the long ones. At the top, you will find a dedicated utility area with markers, tempo & signature tracks. A sketching area is also there for Cubase Chord Track, sketching piano, and so on. Because a template is meant to evolve and be flexible, there are already busses and routes in place for other sections such as guitars, synths and SFX. Because BBCSO doesn't feature second instruments (e.g. Flute II,) I made them using the transposing trick and a bit of EQ.

This following example track was made entirely with this template, nothing else was used:

You don't need any other plugin. Spitfire Audio BBCSO is all you need for working with this template. The other plugins are stock plugins available with Cubase.

Video walkthrough and user's manual coming soon!

In short, with this template you can simply sit down and start composing without having to deal with technical tasks.

You can download this template entirely for free at (just input $0 in the price area,) but if you feel like supporting my work, it would be much appreciated!

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