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Cinematic Studio Strings: Cubase Track Presets

For those of you who are following my course at and are using Cubase, here are some Track Presets for CSS.

They are divided in 3 categories (as shown in the course): long, short and pizzicato. The longs include legato, legato tremolo and legato marcato. The shorts have staccatissimo, staccato, sforzando and spiccato loaded. There's also a 4th category that will just load everything.

  • The presets will load in a disabled state to save RAM.

  • The Expression Maps are already set within the presets.

  • Only the close+main mics are enabled (because the room mic doesn't sound really good.)

  • Kontakt instances are purged (I like to be efficient!)

  • They are color-coded as per my taste. Deal with it.

  • Negative delays are set as per the CSS manual.

  • Vibrato is set to CC14 and is set to 40 (to avoid the Parkinson Orchestra.)

  • Pre-gain is +3dB and track faders are at -6dB.

If you don't know what Track Presets are, just watch this video:

I also have the matching Track Presets for CSSS. Shout if you want them!

CSS Track Presets
Download ZIP • 86.10MB

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