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Do you need the Spitfire Symphony Orchestra Pro?

Obviously, I can't answer this for you but I can definitely show you what it brings to the table with its set of extended signals and microphone positions.

00:00 Cool jingle

00:06 The one question

01:37 Focusing on Spitfire Symphonic Strings

02:04 Why a comparison with BBCSO Pro

02:50 A rant about official demos

05:06 Processing the example track

07:19 Decca Tree

08:54 Close - Tree - Ambient

10:38 Outriggers

12:27 Stereo Mix: Fine

14:39 Stereo Mix: Medium

15:56 Stereo Mix: Broad

17:21 Stereo Pair - Leader

18:54 Close Ribbon - Stereo Pair - Gallery

20:39 BBCSO Pro

22:23 The various rants about the price

24:15 My conclusion

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