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Download my BBCSO Core 1.2 Cubase template

I've made a Cubase BBCSO Core 1.2 template. It now includes muted brass and updated legato techniques. You can get it for free here below. Watch the video to know everything that's included with it (template, routes, expression maps, track presets, ...)

Get the whole thing here:

BBCSO Core 1.2 Full Template
Download ZIP • 1.53MB

Get the Expression Maps only:

Spitfire BBCSO Core 1.2 Expression Maps
Download ZIP • 40KB

Get the Track Presets only:

BBCSO Core 1.2 Track Presets
Download ZIP • 982KB

Get the Cubase Pro 11 template only:

BBCSO Core Cubase Pro 11 Template
Download ZIP • 499KB

If you are interested in learning how to build templates, writing for strings and mixing strings tracks, visit and check out my 7 hour video course. You can use coupon code COMPOSINGTIPS10 to get a 10% discount as a member of Composing Tips!

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Hi Nico,

Do you have BBCSO Pro template too?


Hi Nico.

Just downloaded the BBCSO Template.

Keyswitch/ articulation names for 1st & 2nd violins and violas aren't showing up below the piano roll. They are for all other instruments - including cello and basses. I can get them to show up in 1st, 2nd, violas by first selecting a cc from the articulations list, then selecting articulations/dynamics from the list. But as soon as leave the editor, then reopen it, the list of articulations below the piano roll have gone again! I then have to repeat the above process to (temporarily) get them back.

Any thoughts or help would be much appreciated.

Thank you.


Thank you very much Nico. There were 2 simple to solve errors. One was that the Trombone was not making any sound. Thanks to your lessons I found out what was wrong. Just go to edit chanel and then edit vst instrument and job done! Second was the Anvil and I followed the same procedure and job done. You see lessons learned from Nico as a newbie and non techie! I am still in the course and it already helped me. Thanks a lot Nico.


Nicolas Schuele
Nicolas Schuele
23 janv. 2021

Just double click on it, yes.


Hi Nico! Well, that sound great, but should I not load the BBCSO first etc..?

You mean this file, right? - "Spitfire BBCSO Core 1.2 Template.cpr"

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