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Inside my Core Cinematic Template

Let me show you everything there is to know about my core cinematic template. From the libraries that I use, to the routing and mixing plugins. All with audio examples for the different sections.

00:00 Introduction

00:07 Why do I use templates?

02:35 What is my Cinematic Core template

04:57 Utility tracks

06:22 Sketching tracks

10:43 The instrument sections

11:01 Pianos

12:13 Strings

27:20 Woodwinds

34:11 Brass

35:50 Choirs

39:16 Percussion

42:33 Tuned Percussion

42:42 Synths

44:41 Textures

47:29 SFX

47:41 Instruments routing

49:23 Early reflections

53:03 Groups routing

57:16 Mix bus plugins

01:00:24 Tail reverbs

01:03:16 Delay

01:03:48 It's all pretty simple

01:05:40 Mixing the symphonic-sized long strings

01:11:35 Audio example: Symphonic strings longs

01:13:25 Mixing the smaller ensemble long strings

01:14:59 Audio example: Smaller strings ensemble longs

01:16:17 Programming and mixing the solo strings

01:18:40 Audio example: Solo strings + woodwinds + percussion

01:20:32 Mixing the symphonic-sized short strings

01:22:41 Audio example: Symphonic-sized short strings

01:23:30 Mixing the smaller short strings ensemble

01:26:15 The TRACK folder

01:27:52 Conclusion

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