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My favorite strings libraries (and my least favorite ones)

I often get the question "What is the best strings library?" Obviously, I can't answer that because your needs are different than mine. What I can do is to show you my favorite ones and why they work for me. I can also show you some that do not work for me.

00:00 Awesome strings intro

00:07 A bit of context, disclaimer and all that

01:39 Good: VSL Synchron Strings Pro

09:11 Good: Strezov Sampling Afflatus

13:14 Good: Hans Zimmer Strings

16:54 Bad: Cinematic Studio Strings

22:57 Bad: Strezov Sampling Afflatus

28:51 Conclusion

If you want to know more about building templates for strings, writing strings parts and mixing them, check out my course at As a member of Composing Tips, you get a 10% discount with coupon code COMPOSINGTIPS10.

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