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Quickly switch between CC lanes in Cubase

Let me show you a great tip when you are editing your CCs in Cubase. This saves a ton of time and it is one of my favorite Cubase productivity tips.

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Nicolas Schuele
Nicolas Schuele
09 feb 2021

That's weird. I'm on Cubase 11 and I don't have this issue. Are you sure that you are following each step exactly?

Me gusta

tmac011 same here! win10 cubase pro 11. the only controller lane window that opens is when i press the key for the velocity. velocity window opens along with the aftertouch window bellow it. none of the shortcuts for the other lanes work. i am sure it must be a cubase 11 bug rather than win10 bug.

Me gusta


I’m also on Windows 10 using Cubase 11. I tried everything and followed what Nico did step by step. I tried it several times spending hours on it but no luck. Could be a Windows issue maybe?

Me gusta

i am also having the same issue as @tmac011

Me gusta

For some reason this is not working for me. Im in windows 10 and I did add all the same CC lanes from Create Controller Lane Tab to the Controller lane setup tab. I literally added CC25 then chose it and raised the height. I then counted and it came out to 15 so I chose my key command but it did not work. What is the purpose of the height? And should you choose a CC lane you are already using and does it matter which one you choose? Any help is appreciated !!!! Thanks Nico !!!!!

Me gusta
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