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Walking you through my free BBCSO Cubase Template

I made a new BBCSO 1.5 Cubase template which you can get for free at It was tested on Cubase Pro 10 to 12, and works with BBCSO Core and Pro.

This is a full Spitfire Audio BBC Symphony Orchestra (Core or Pro) template for Cubase 10+ Pro. Everything is already routed to sub-busses and properly balanced. Each instrument has a dedicated Expression Map and short string articulations are separated from the long ones. At the top, you will find a dedicated utility area with markers, tempo & signature tracks. A sketching area is also there for Cubase Chord Track, sketching piano, and so on. Because a template is meant to evolve and be flexible, there are already busses and routes in place for other sections such as guitars, synths and SFX.

00:00 Intro & Demo track

01:52 Walkthrough

36:57 How to download

37:47 The same ending as usual

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