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Welcome - My Journey So Far | Podcast Episode 1

Welcome to Composing Tips, the media composer podcast.

In this first episode, I tell you why I started a podcast on media composition, what you can expect from it as well as my journey so far that led me to being a full time media composer.

I talk about a track that changed my life. You can listen to it here:

The Composing Tips Podcast is available on your favorite platform:

Apple Podcasts:

Spotify: (publishing in progress)

Google Podcasts:

Pocket Casts:



Composing Tips:


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Jens Sieckmann
Jens Sieckmann
Oct 12, 2022

Hey Nico, thanks for this podcast and Composing Tips in general. I am a software developer but I started listening to film music since the mid 90s. The soundtrack of Conan the Barbarian was my hook. I made some music with my Amiga 500 and later with a Korg 01/W. But music "left" me about 25 years. I started photography as my creative outlet and it is still with me. Then I encountered TSFH and Epic Music. I researched in terms If music production and found that one can produce music without spending a fortune. Now I try to compose film music in my spare time. But it is very hard to get Info. Music theory, instrument practice, software knowledge,…


Brett C
Brett C
Sep 24, 2022

Thanks for sharing this with us! I'm in my 50s and have retired from my career in finance to write music full time too. Your videos, insight and course have helped me over the past few years. Looking forward to new content!

Nicolas Schuele
Nicolas Schuele
Sep 24, 2022
Replying to

Thanks Brett! I really hope that this new podcast series will bring value to people :-)

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