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Welcome to Composing Tips!

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What is it?

Composing Tips started as Nico's personal YouTube channel featuring videos about music composition, production techniques, and everything in between. As the channel grew and a community over a thousand people started to form around it, the limitations of YouTube were quickly reached in terms of user interactions and file sharing. 


This is why Composing Tips was created. A proper platform where like-minded composers coming from all horizons and various skill levels can share their experience, questions and all things related to film scoring, cinematic composition and production music.


Composing Tips offers long-form tutorials, bite-sized tips and tricks, downloadable project files and stems, as well as software and gear reviews. Last but not least, Composing Tips is hosting The Media Composer Podcast.  


The content is free but only available to registered users so create an account now if you don't have one already!

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What are people saying?

Here are some comments taken from the YouTube channel:

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