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That's All Folks!

Time to say goodbye...

Hey everyone!

In the recent years, I produced many tutorials, videos, courses, a web platform for composers where I shared tips and tricks. And I even recently started a podcast. All of this has always been a side project. Some kind of hobby with no secret plan behind it to make money out of it.

But that is not my job. I'm a composer. And since a bit more than a year, projects have been lining up which is a good thing. But it also means less time for side projects or even library music. It's not only a question of time either, after over 200 videos, some of them lasting way longer than an hour, I kinda lost the drive to make them.

After many talks with people around me and some very established composers, I came to the conclusion that I need to focus 100% of my efforts on what brings me closer to my goal rather than on cool activities that in a sense drive me away from it. In short, I don't want to churn out mass content, I want to write quality music.

That's why this is all coming to an end. No more videos, no more reviews, no more podcast, no more tutorials. I've taken down all videos on my YouTube channel as well but if you need to rewatch one, you can still find them on I've also removed the need to register, you can just access them freely. Go to the website and browse. My course on building templates is also still available at

To the developers who sent me software and to manufacturers who sent me hardware, and trusted me to make walkthroughs, demo tracks, reviews, and so on. I thank you deeply, that was an awesome experience. But I won't be doing this anymore. I'm still up for receiving freebies of course but I won't be talking about them anymore.

On the thousands and thousands of comments, private messages, emails that I've received from all of you, I've always been proud to answer each of them. Along the way, I met some very nice people who then became good friends and that is awesome too. To all the followers, supporters, subscribers, I also want to say thank you.

So, for one last time, I'm going to tell you this: stop watching videos and go write some great music!

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