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23 strings ensemble sample libraries compared

Let's compare some string ensemble patches, shall we? 23 of them.

If you want a quick introduction on how to write with ensemble patches, here it is:

You can also get the MIDI file I wrote for this comparison video here: - Strings Ensemble Patches
Download MIDI • 5KB

00:00 Introduction

01:31 Spitfire Albion One

02:41 Spitfire Albion II Loegria

03:40 Spitfire Albion V Tundra

04:41 Spitfire Symphonic Strings

05:35 Spitfire Masse

06:39 Spitfire Chamber Strings

07:40 Spitfire Originals: Epic Strings

08:38 Spitfire Symphonic Strings: Ensemble CS Blend

09:59 Audio Imperia Nucleus

11:06 Steinberg Iconica Ensembles

12:07 Orchestral Tools Metropolis Ark I

13:19 Orchestral Tools Metropolis Ark II

14:17 Musical Sampling Adventure Strings

15:14 Musical Sampling Trailer Strings

16:13 Fluffy Audio Venice Modern Strings

17:17 Strezov Sampling Afflatus Strings

18:16 8Dio Agitato Sordino

19:29 Heavyocity Novo Essentials

20:26 Cinematic Strings 2

21:24 Cinematic Studio Strings

22:30 Sonokinetic Da Capo

23:29 VSL Appassionata Strings

24:31 EastWest Hollywood Strings Gold

25:45 My Favorite One

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