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Spitfire Audio Strings Flautando Showdown

Spitfire is synonymous with the flautando articulation for strings. Let's have a look at how their different libraries compare.

Download the MIDI track here: - Spitfire Flauntandos Showdown
Download MIDI • 36KB

00:00 Introduction

00:42 Procrastinate

00:54 Process

01:08 Spitfire Symphonic Strings

02:08 Albion Neo

03:08 Albion Loegria

04:08 Albion Tundra

05:06 Bernard Hermann Composer Toolkit

06:04 Spitfire Solo Strings

07:05 Spitfire Chamber Strings

08:03 Spitfire Studio Strings Professional

09:01 Originals Intimate Strings

09:59 BBC SO Core

10:55 Everything layered together!

12:00 Bye

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Amazing job ..all together balanced Musical make no sense although i think

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