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Writing & mixing a modern piano track

I will show you my process for writing & mixing a modern piano track from scratch. From the first note to the finished master.

00:00 Intro

00:07 What this is about

00:18 Disclaimer and apologies

01:25 The finished track: Moving Pictures

05:04 Empty template

05:53 Chord progression

06:45 Selecting and tweaking a piano

13:00 Awful playing

15:48 Merging the parts

16:54 Tweaking the tempo

18:42 Wowee!

18:56 Committing the MIDI to audio

20:55 Setting up the Master bus

23:53 Mixing the piano track

33:44 A/B the mix

35:56 Tail reverb

39:12 A bit of tape

40:27 Finishing up with the Master bus

42:47 De-clicking

44:52 Testing the track

46:06 The outro you've been waiting for

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